Collection and Use of Personal Information

 When you register or place and order for our website you will be asked to provide certain personal information such an email address, contact details and delivery address. This information is required for us to fulfil our order to you. Information provided by you and given to us is used in the following ways.

  • To register you with our website and to administer our website services.

  • To give to companies whose products we provide to you and whose services we use to deliver your items to you.

  • To process your orders and obtain payment from you.

We may give information about you to the following entities that assist us to provide products to you:

  • To our agents, staff and approved third parties to carry out services for us.

  • To whom we may need to transfer our rights and duties to fulfil our agreement with you.

  • To companies and organisations that administer our prize draws or competitions.

  • To whomever, we have a duty to or required by law to do so.

Secure Handling and Processing of Information

We make use of our own secure server to access your account information after you have placed an order. Our secure server software (SSL) encrypts all information you input before it is sent to us. Please visit our Security Policy page for more information.


Cookies help us achieve our key goal of providing you with a smooth and efficient experience when using our website and services. Accessing our web pages or using our website tools set cookies in your browser. That cookie then serves as a memory bank that will remember how you used the website and automatically amend your settings to match every time you visit the website.

Cookies assist us in collecting analytical data, such as how visitors arrived on our website, how long they browsed our website, how people operate on the site, what web browser they used and whether a tablet, phone or computer was used to view the site. With access to this analysis, we are able to improve our website, making the customer experience even better. All of this information is collected anonymously and is not connected to any identifiable personal details.

Our cookies policy is used under an “implied consent” policy. This means, unless you state otherwise, we assume that you are happy with our use of cookies. If you take issue with the use of cookies, you can opt to delete our cookies after you finish your session with our website. Your settings can also be adjusted to prevent your browser from accepting cookies ("Incognito" in Chrome, "InPrivate" in Internet Explorer, "Private Browsing" in Firefox and Safari etc. For more information on how cookies are used, you can also visit for a more detailed guide on how to control and delete cookies.

External Web Services

We sometimes use external web services on our website to display more detailed content, such as Vimeo or YouTube. As with the social buttons, we cannot prevent these sites from collecting usage information such as the number of views or plays. If you are not logged in with these services they will not know who you are, but may still collect this statistical information. We also have no control or responsibility for any offensive or inappropriate content that may appear on these websites.

Social Buttons

The majority of our pages contain social buttons which allow users to share pages through their favourite social networking sites. There are buttons for Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tumblr. These buttons are implemented using scripts from their respective external websites which are hosted on domains outside of We also have no control or responsibility for any offensive or inappropriate content that may appear on these websites.

Payment Processing

We use an external payment provider called PayPal so that we can take payment on our website. We have to supply PayPal with the billing address that you enter on our website, and then PayPal will ask you for your credit card details in the form of the PayPal Payment Page. We do not handle any of the card information you supply to PayPal - we simply receive a confirmation from them that the payment has been accepted, so that we can confirm your order. We do not handle or store your credit card details anywhere in our system.

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